This spring, I am quitting my day job and heading into the last frontier. Not before going on a massive road trip across the Western states. It’s going to be awesome. My boyfriend, Jaime, and I are packing up our little home in Eureka, CA, and moving. Our plan so far: Head down south to visit my parents, then it’s on to LA to see our friends who live down there. Then, we head into vast desert wilderness for a while: Utah, hopefully hit up Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches NP, Moab, and then on to see Colorado for the first time. Yep, we are moving to Colorado in the fall, and we have never been there before. Everyone tells us we are crazy for moving to a place we have never been. I don’t think it is that crazy, but hey, that is why we are going to check it out in May. Then it’s up to Wyoming, to visit my dear friend Katie who lived in Jackson. Oh the Tetons, I love them so. Stay there for as long as we can, and then head up to Montana to visit one of Jaime’s childhood best friends. Then the real adventure begins. We will head for the border, into Canada and drive the remaining 2500 miles to Cooper Landing, AK. We spent the summer there in 2007 and we are going back. One summer, so many adventures. We will eco-guide there, hopefully all around Alaska. Yeah, we are excited for this next phase of our life. I am pretty much longing for it now. Definitely enjoying the last couple of months in Eureka. We are going to miss the life that we have set up here for ourselves; but all good things come to an end…

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