Cherry Blossoms are blooming…

Well the groundhog called for a long winter, but I don’t know if that matters up here in far northern California. We have such a cold, damp, coastal climate, that I think the groundhog would get thrown off around here. The cherry blossoms always bloom this time of year, which seems so odd to me, a pretty, delicate flower blooms in the coldest month of the year! Cheers to hardy beautiful plants, and hardy beautiful people!


Mexican Wedding Cookies

Felt like baking tonight, and since my friend Ellie told me these were here favorite cookies in the world, I decided to give them a whirl. Tasty….

Early stages of the truck rigging…

It doesn’t look like it, but hours of work have gone into rigging the truck. I will update this as the process moves along.

Getting ready….

Jaime has been hard at work outfitting his truck for our trip. I think this is his favorite part. I thought since I have a blog now, I should document this. Here are some pictures.

Starting slow….

Hello! This is my new blog, of which I am very new at learning this whole business. I am not looking to get famous, or write a book about blogging, or even write that much in general. The inspiration is this: I just got a new camera and I want a place to post my photos that is not Facebook. I also wanted a place to convene about recipes and I really want to start posting pictures of the food I make. So that is why this little nook in a very far corner of cyberspace exists. Welcome.